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Since this one wasn’t a main blog, I decided to make it, so I moved.

My url it’s the same,my posts are the same just follow me on the other page if you still want to follow me.

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Surprise surprise!!

But to be honest, I’m not satisfied with the lead female - Eun Jung. I don’t have anything personal with Eun Jung just that there are so many talented young actresses out there, why only idols get main roles….

Anyway, I’m happy for Ju Ji Hoon for getting a second chance. Let’s hope they will have high ratings ^o^

Go go go~~~

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Tried my best, there may be some grammar mistakes, I’ll edit the post soon - Recap Here -

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People keep hotlinking my screen caps from the ‘Color of Woman’ recaps - and tinypic puts that damn warning ‘image removed by user’

What annoys me the most is that it was a Chan Jin picture but I don’t remember witch one it was….I don’t mind people using my screen caps but copy them in your computer and then reupload them

Maaan I think I should watermark the screen caps and if I find them on other blog I’ll know who creates this damn mess.

Arghhh! I’m so angry right now…my ‘color of woman’ recaps look so ‘skinny’ w/o some screen caps……

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Sorry for not posting the gifs yesterday

Posting them now ^^

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Going to post the gifs later today ^^

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